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NYC Best Bars Happy Hour Specials

Finding the best happy hour in a sea of Manhattan establishments can be a feat. Aside from the obvious obstacles (hoards of people rushing home from their 9-to-5 gigs and bars filling faster than a Justin Bieber concert), it's also one more thing on the list of to-dos that no one really wants to do. Enter NYC Best Bars.

As the bona fide happy hour specialists of New York City, they've got eight different concepts to meet your every demand as it pertains to the post-work slosh fest. Whether you're looking for brews and a killer burger in Greenwich Village (that's easy--try 3 Sheets Saloon) or need strong drinks in an outdoor space on the Upper West Side (swing by Gin Mill to take care of that one), it's easy to nail down exactly what you're looking for (wings and drink specials? Try Down The Hatch) while taking full advantage of those precious non-work hours. For the picky patrons of the Upper East Side, be sure to hit Stumble Inn for their classic American fare and huge list of happy hour specials--whether you're just stumbling in or find yourself stumbling out at the end of the night, you'll be glad that you did.

To break all of your New Year's Resolutions in one fell swoop, you can also hit The 13th Step, the no-joke, no-frills sports bar that gives you a slim-to-none chance of leaving without a buzz. But, at the end of the day, if it's a beer bar with a hardcore, uptown vibe that really gets you out of your work-fueled daze, there's the ever-popular Jake's Dilemma on the Upper West Side. Throw back a few brews, hang with the slew of locals that are always down to party and try to embrace the sweet, sweet feeling of relaxation that only comes from cheap brews and some good old fashioned games in NYC.