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3 Sheets Saloon

134 W. 3rd St.,
(6th Ave. and MacDougal St.)
Greenwich Village, NY



Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, 3 Sheets Saloon is a beer drinker's paradise! You do, however, have a few hard decisions to make. The first is which of 10 draft beers to order and whether to pair it with the McDowell's Burger, topped with cheese, onions, and smashed tots or to order the cottage fries smothered in cheese whiz, gravy, and bacon? The next, hang out at the copper topped main bar or head upstairs to sit under the giant skylight? Of course you could always pull up a stool to the floor to ceiling windows that look over the often raucous scene on West 3rd Street while sipping (or chugging) that beer. Lastly, choose your sport, with 25 High-Def TV's you'll be sure to find any NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA football or basketball game you want both in and out of market. You'll certainly feel 3 Sheets to the wind when walking out. We look forward to sharing great times with you!